Emotional Mastery

Emotional Mastery is the process of becoming aware of your emotions to be able to direct them and control them.  Do not let your emotions take the best of you and have them work for you.  Living an emotionally balance life with strong emotional intelligence and awareness.

We have all been there where we have let our emotions control our lives and make the best of us.  Making us do things and react in ways we really didn’t want to. These 7 tips will bring you emotions to check and balance in order to live a healthier life.  

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How do you get control of your emotions?

When I am feeling anger, depress or sad how to interrupt the pattern?  

1. Bringing awareness to your emotional state and to what you are feeling.  Welcoming those emotions without any resistance.  Also, allowing them to be without feeling them and seeing them as passing waves of energy.

2. Acceptance of the situation that brought those feelings upon.  The power of acceptance will free you from pain and this doesn’t mean that you will not take action to change the situation.  It is the matter of accepting what you have no control over and over about how you reacted emotionally.  

3. Been curious about why those specific situations trigger your emotions to identify where you are coming from.

4. Reframing your perspective about those specific situations to something more powerful and positive.  Along the way of this situation makes me feel good because I understand what’s happening for example.  

5. Make the changes necessary for that situation to change, at least the changes and actions you have control over.  These changes made with any emotional attachments or disbalance to fully make them work.

6.  Forgive the situation, other people and your self, forgiveness is a powerful tool to feeling good. 

7. Being grateful for been aware and been able to change the situations in front of you.


These 7 steps are how  you change your emotional state 

How do you master your emotions?

 Mastering your emotions is a process and sometimes a repeatable process of different tools.  To counter-attack the existing patterns that brought you to react and behave in a specific way.  Among some powerful habits like meditation, overcoming insecurities and limiting beliefs will keep you strong.  These habits will keep your emotional balance and confidence to easily reframe any situation or incident that makes you lose this balance. 




Living a life of excellence in different aspects of your life including emotional mastery is the key to a balanced life.  

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